About me


Skye MacKenna, Artist, Author, Intuitive Astrologer, Counselor


I am  an optimistic realist.  Far and deep seeing, professional, positive, results-oriented counselor and astrologer with over two decades of experience in helping individuals to achieve their full potential.   I work with clients worldwide to achieve self-empowerment, personal growth, timing of events for the optimum outcome, including job interviews, weddings (and even first dates!), as well as the most favorable timing of any significant event such as large purchases, signing documents, etc., as well as any important choices to be made.

As human beings, we are all on a journey through life, and my job is to give individuals the gift of self-empowerment through personal growth via a positive but practical approach and I’ve helped people from all walks of life to make the best of upcoming events, both positive and negative.

In addition to specializing in timing for success, I also focus on compatibility charts between individuals, personal, romantic and/or business relationships. My goal is to enhance my clients' ability to recognize, be ready for, and making the best of upcoming challenging times and/or opportunities.

And as an artist and photographer, I've also created a series of Journals and Adult Coloring Journals, and I also host a radio talk show called Intuitive Life on Blog Talk Radio where I discuss the opportunities and/or challenges of the upcoming week, take calls and do intuitive readings for callers.  
Contact me for clear, honest, understandable guidance, a creativity boost and a connection to answers you already have within you for your Journey to peace, happiness and success in your life. 

Call me at (602) 904-5650 or reach me by email at skye@intuitivelife.works.

Big blessings always,